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Are you considering hiring a body transformation coach to help you achieve your fitness goals? As with any investment, you likely have some questions before making a commitment. In this frequently asked questions (FAQ) page, we aim to provide answers to some of the most common enquiries we receive.

We understand that choosing the right coach can be overwhelming, and we want to make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

So, let’s get started and address some of the questions you may have before starting your fitness journey with Armstrong Coaching.

Have Any Questions?

We've got answers

As we create a complete tailored service, it will largely depend on your specific goals & timeframe. We have programs for all budget ranges. Book a free discovery call today to learn more. 

I have transformed the bodies of many clients who had zero experience in the gym. As your coach, I can guarantee you will be more confident, stronger and fitter regardless if you are a complete beginner or an avid gym goer. I’ll guide you through workout demonstrations, technique feedback analysis and answer any questions you have. Remember everyone has to start somewhere.

Your nutrition plan is tailored to your food preferences. If you dislike a meal on your plan we will replace it. You won’t get results eating foods you don’t enjoy. On our inital discovery call, we’ll assess your diet (favourite dishes, allergies, meal frequency, etc..) before we design your nutrition plan.

Yes, your workout plan will definitely change and evolve as you progress. As your body adapts to your workouts, it’s important to challenge yourself with new exercises, increased weights or repetitions, and different training methods to continue making progress.  As a coach, I work closely with my clients to assess their progress and make modifications to their workout plan as needed to ensure they continue to make progress towards their goals. By regularly updating and modifying your workout plan, you can avoid hitting a plateau and stay motivated and engaged in your fitness journey.

Yes, we have 12 week pair packages available. This allows you to split the cost together. Also, training with a partner can provide many benefits, including increased accountability, motivation, and support. It can also make workouts more fun and enjoyable, which can help you stay committed to your fitness goals. As your coach, I can create customised workout plans for both you and your friend, taking into account your individual goals, fitness levels, and preferences. We can also design partner exercises that will challenge you both and help you reach your goals together. So, if you’re looking for a fun and effective way to get in shape with a friend, our personal training services can definitely accommodate you both.