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Dedicated to helping ambitious people get into shape through tailored plans that focus on building daily habits, clean diets and improving overall fitness.


Learn more about your coach

Nice to meet you, I’m Matt Armstrong. I have coached 50+ clients through online & in-person body transformations. I have experience of 5000+ hours of practical coaching sessions for in-person clients.

This knowledge has provided a wealth of practical experience alongside my science & theory research in coaching both male & female clients who want to achieve life-changing body transformations.

My goal for everyone who joins my team is to ignore outdated methods and establish the foundations of nutrition, training & mindset first. Not only will this develop incredible physique changes, but it will help my team build strong, resilient habits that will stay with them for life after working with me.

My philosophy is simple – Be coachable, be committed & work hard!


There is no better feeling than seeing the results that all your hard work has done over a period of time. We love showing how our clients have transformed their habits, lifestyle and more through our personal training.



Online coaching

Personal training has evolved where you can achieve life-changing results through online coaching. We can help guide you with excerise plans at the touch of your fingertips, tailored diet plans and 24/7 support to help you reach your fitness goals fitted around your daily plans.


Face-to-face coaching is ideal for those who want to achieve the right intensity with a friendly face to support them through the session. We give our clients a bespoke training plan throughout the sessions in order to achieve the best results of them. All sessions will be done in a private studio.


Why Choose US

Tailored exercises

There is no ‘one-size fits all’ when it comes to fitness. That’s why our exercise plans are made for you to make sure you achieve your goals.

No 'fad' diets

In the fitness industry, you can run into many damaging diets. Our clean diet plans are created with your favourite foods and snacks.

Fitness Focused

Not only will you be stronger, faster with our plans but become the fittest and healthiest version of yourself as we value our clients health.

Time That suits you

People run on different time schedules, that’s why we take the time to understand your schedule to create a plan on times that suit you.


for you


We fully understand that starting a fitness journey for 6-12 weeks can seem scary as it will require a lot of determination, willpower and eagerness to reach your goals as there is no overnight fix. That may leave you wondering a few questions before you get started with our personal training services.

We’ve put together this frequently asked questions page to answer some common questions that we hear from our clients before they started whether it’d be online coaching or in-person coaching.

If you see any questions or queries not on this page, you can always reach out to us as we are happy to answer anything you may have to add before you start with us.

Hard Work

Pays Off


What Clients Say

    Becca W.
    Becca W.

    I started training with Matt to tone up and lose stubborn fat around my mid area and arms. I have never really enjoyed exercise and tried every way to lose weight apart from having a body transformation coach. The first 8 weeks I managed to lose the weight I wanted. During the process I realised I really enjoyed weight training and felt motivated to continue on another 12 week program. Matt helped me work my hardest every session and exercise started to become fun. The results were also showing! He knew exactly how far to push me so that I was finishing every session feeling great and strong. I’m absolutely amazed by my results and can’t wait to continue training. Thanks to Matt my strength and fitness have both improved, I enjoy exercise and my eating has been so much better! I can’t recommend Matt enough to help with any fitness journey. He knew what I could achieve and helped me get there and I can’t thank him enough.

      Liam T.
      Liam T.

      I completed a 12 week transformation with Matt and the results speak for themselves! No crash diets & no long cardio sessions. Just well controlled nutritional guidance from him is what I needed. The training sessions were also great. Matt finds out how far he can take you and creates the programme around your goals! Personally, I struggled with yo-yoing in weight from binge eating. But this guy is there for you and shows you how to fit in what your body wants from time to time whilst maintaining my results! Great guy, great coaching and great results!

        Adam C.
        Adam C.

        When I signed up with Matt I had the desire to have more body confidence and I wanted to feel more healthy overall.⠀ During the program I achieved huge changes mentally and physically. Before I could barely run a mile without being out of breath and struggled in the gym. Now I’m able to exercise for a lot longer and recover much faster. I’ve become a lot more confident in my body and my ability to exercise, and I’m generally feeling a lot happier in myself.⠀ ​ Matt has created the complete personalised plan for me. The nutrition plan, training plan and educational resources were tailored perfectly to my needs. Matt's knowledge and consistency married with my will to lose weight has been perfect in achieving my results! I would recommend Matt's services to anyone who is looking to LOSE WEIGHT, GAIN MUSCLE, IMPROVE GENERAL HEALTH and to anybody who wants to have BETTER MENTAL HEALTH & BODY CONFIDENCE.