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In-Person Coaching

Our in-person body transformation coaching allows you to be pushed to your maximum, train with intense and safe technique, and have a friendly face you can suffer with.

All jokes aside, we offer in-person coaching inside a fully-kitted out personal studio to those of you who are based in Liverpool City Centre where you can get premium 1-1 personal training with me.

It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or an experienced gym-goer, our in-person body transformation packages will advance you in the gym and help you get in the best shape of your life.

We’ve helped a range of clients who work in a variety of busy professions. Every programme is tailored to your schedule and lifestyle so there will always be time to train on your terms. 

In-person coaching not only helps you inside the gym but we offer a hybrid coaching approach which gives you access to my online coaching systems and guidance outside our face to face sessions to get the best results.

Learn more about how in-person coaching works below!


There are a range of reasons why a person may benefit from using an in-person trainer. Whether it be to become more confident in the gym due to lack of experience, having no clear plan or struggling for motivation when working out. Whatever the reason is, we are here to help.

What’s great about personal training is you just have to turn up, raring and ready to go. I will guide you through the session, showing you the correct techniques to get you results, mimisme any risk of injury and give you the confidence needed to exercise hard in your own gym sessions.

My coaching takes out all the guesswork of the gym and saves you from following poor plans that you’ve stumbled across online.

I’ll be there to push you even on the days you aren’t feeling up for it. All I ask is that you give your best!

Becci W.

I’m absolutely amazed by my results and can’t wait to continue training. Thanks to Matt my strength and fitness have both improved, I enjoy exercise and my eating has been so much better!

Adam C.

I would recommend Matt to anyone who is looking to LOSE WEIGHT, GAIN MUSCLE, IMPROVE GENERAL HEALTH and to have BETTER MENTAL HEALTH & BODY CONFIDENCE.

Liam T.

I completed a 12 week transformation with Matt and the results speak for themselves! No crash diets & no long cardio sessions. Just well controlled nutritional guidance.


Training is highly important but just as important is your daily nutrition. This is what will generate faster results and reveal the progress you’ve made in the gym. Your diet will make you healthier, give you higher energy throughout your day to day life and determine the way your body looks. During our initial discovery call, we’ll learn more about your current lifestyle, daily schedule and meal frequency, this helps us gain a better understanding about you in order to create a tailored nutrition plan that fits with your lifestyle.

As every individual is entirely unique, the plan is always fitted around you. That’s everything from current weight, personal food preferences and what look you wish to achieve in training. Your nutrition plan will not stay the same throughout the weeks but tweaked and altered depending on your progress. 

If you’re looking for another fad diet or crash diet then your in the wrong place. We base our plans off practical experience paired with scientific research, as well as the clients individual needs we work with.


They say two heads are better than one, by having me as your coach, I will always be in your corner throughout the plan. You will have daily accountability and support available. This will enhance your confidence and consistency along your journey. 

A body transformation can be a lonely endeavour when trying to do it by yourself. Let’s be honest, you will make an excuse to why you can’t train, why it’s not working or why you should give up. With me by your side we can push through any excuses and we can solve any problems you might have!

Accountability always breeds success.  You can ensure that your progress is tracked correctly when working with me. I am just always a text or phone call away where you can ask any questions or quickly adjust the plan if your schedule changes.


It’s been a pleasure to coach these great people through their fitness journey and see life-changing results in their appearance, confidence and mindset. Join our happy clients today!


With the studio being closely located near Liverpool City Centre, it makes it easily accessible for our clients to reach.


We understand that you may have a few questions before you start your fitness journey with Armstrong Coaching. We’ve put together the most frequently asked questions we get when people enquiring about in-person coaching with us.

If you have any questions, please free to get in touch with us through one of various contact methods whichever suits you best as we are always happy to answer any questions you have.

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